5 Indications Your Driveway In Vancouver Needs a Repair

If you have a driveway paving in your home or business, you need to know when it is time to have it repaired. Driveways usually get damaged with time due to high use or other elements. There are some damages worth repairing, while others require you to do replacement.  Your Vancouver asphalt paving expert can advise on the best action to take to ensure that  it is intact. To make a more informed decision, you need to know the signs to look. Here are 5 indications your driveway needs a repair.

Presence of potholes

One of the outright indications you need to perform repair of your driveway is presence of potholes. Potholes usually develop when there is freezing and melting of the water below the asphalt. This happens because temperatures usually go above and below the freezing point often. The frequent expansion and contracting of the ground make the asphalt weak leading to the formation of the potholes on your driveway. It is necessary to have them repaired since they can lead to issues with your car suspension. You can patch the potholes, but this just offers temporary solution. The best way is to work with a Vancouver asphalt paving contractor to resolve the underlying problem and do long lasting repair.

Big cracks

Driveway paving Vancouver also develops cracks that can make it inefficient. When the driveway develops the large cracks, salt, oil and gas can penetrate into these cracks. This makes them to get larger in terms of width and depth. When you notice minor cracks on your driveway, it is necessary to carry out instant repair before they escalate into larger and more problematic ones.  The repair involves sealing them to control further cracking and making the already existing cracks get worse. In case you do the repair of the small cracks, the fixed parts may look darker, so the overall look of your driveway paving Vancouver is affected.  Therefore, the curb appeal of your home is also affected, so it is better to prevent the cracks from occurring. Note that the larger cracks may not be easily repaired, so no need to waste time and money trying to do the repair work. If you find visible cracks all over your driveway, it is better to have it replaced altogether for a more permanent solution.

Drainage problems

At times you may note lack of proper drainage on your driveway. One of the indications are pools of water. When you find these pools, it is time to have it repaired by a reputable Vancouver asphalt paving contractor. When you allow the water to sit on any part of the driveway, it makes the asphalt weak. The weakening of the asphalt puts your driveway under high risk of forming large potholes and cracks.

Fading and discoloration

With time, the sun will discolour and fade your driveway. Besides fading, the strong sun rays make the surface of the driveway weak. Depending on how old the driveway is and its weakness, you can prevent further damages by applying a seal. However, if it is extremely weak, the best option is to have it replaced. A good driveway paving contractor in Vancouver can offer more long lasting solutions to this problem.

Failure to do resealing

Vancouver asphalt paving requires to be resealed after every two or three years. This ensures that the cracks do not develop and makes the edge of the driveway stronger. Therefore, if you have not resealed your driveway for some years, it has high risks of developing these cracks. If you have not done resealing, you need to inspect and carry out all the necessary repairs.  Resealing is also a procedure that enhances the durability of your driveway.

When you notice the above warning signs, you need to get in touch with your driveway paving Vancouver contractor to determine the best way to do the repair.